How to Maximize a Small Kitchen

How to Maximize a Small Kitchen With a Kitchen Remodel

Does a lack of space in your kitchen have you feeling underwhelmed?

Maybe it’s not the size that’s the real problem. To adapt an old phrase, it’s not the size of the kitchen in the space. It’s the size of the space in the kitchen.

In other words, perhaps you’re just not maximizing the kitchen space you already have.

You might be surprised by the apparent size transformation a kitchen remodel will give to the room. “GateHouse News Service” recently covered this very concept in an article titled “Home Help: Big Ideas for Small Kitchens.”

Topping the list of kitchen remodeling recommendations for giving a small kitchen greater brawn was: “Maximize your cabinet space.” The article pointed out that you can achieve both a place to put many things as well as “an open, uncluttered look” if “you combine sound organizational principles with today’s innovative cabinetry.”

Some of the specific kitchen remodeling suggestions the article made included:

1. A lazy Susan corner cabinet can help bring order out of chaos.

Tucking [a wayward] cabinet into a corner of your kitchen into an underused area will squeeze out space where none existed before. An online kitchen remodeling expert can help you design a kitchen that works for you and your family and that makes your life easier.

2. Make the kitchen look bigger by choosing lighter colors and finishes.

By browsing an online kitchen remodeling portfolio, you can compare and select the perfect paint color from the comfort of your own home. That way, you’re not overwhelmed when you step foot inside your nearest home remodeling supercenter.

Kitchen paint requires selections that are hard-working and focus on stain and grease resistance as well as washability. Practical choices include durable paints that feature low sheen, semi-gloss or gloss sheens.

Depending upon your individual color preferences, kitchens offer an ideal opportunity to let your color imagination soar. The kitchen represents a venue for an unlimited number of ways to incorporate unique colors within the space!

3. Don’t automatically rule out large furnishings.

Strategically selected, they can serve multi-functional purposes. For example, “A solid wood file drawer can make a big difference in organizing essentials for taking care of life’s business. When the drawers are closed, the top can double as a bookshelf or display space for framed photos or a lamp.

4. When remodeling your kitchen, don’t forget to accommodate all that stuff in your junk drawer.

Every kitchen needs a landing spot for keys, cell phones, notes, and mail. Consider hiding them in a secret compartment at the end of a cabinet run. When choosing the cabinetry for your new kitchen, consider your personal style as well as what will function best for your family’s everyday needs.

Whether your goal is to transform your kitchen from traditional to modern or simply add more accessible storage space, your cabinetry selection is a great place to begin. An online kitchen remodeling showcase can provide you with ideas and links to reputable kitchen cabinet manufacturers to accomplish all these small kitchen maximizing techniques.

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