What is Design/Build and Is It Right For Me?

When a homeowner is interested in kitchen remodeling, renovating or adding on to their home with a room addition, there are usually two different avenues to choose from:



The first avenue is the Traditional

Approach, or the Three Estimate Approach which is to contact several contractors to come over to give an “estimate” based on verbal explanations of what is trying to get accomplished.

One problem with this approach is that each contractor may interpret the homeowners’ wants and needs differently.

Another problem is a lot of contractors do not look at the details such as how the new addition will blend with the existing style of the home how the roofline will tie in or how the floor levels will meet exactly.

And of course, the biggest problem is, how can you know what the cost will be before going through a selection process? What exactly is the contractor is quoting?

– How many windows and what style?
– What type of interior floors?
– What type of paint (if any)?
– What are the actual room sizes of the room addition?
– Where are the closets and storage areas?
– What is the layout of the new kitchen cabinets? The list can go on and on…


The second avenue is to hire an Architect to design the proposed home remodel, renovation or room addition. This way all contractors will have the same plans and the price should be the price, right?

Not exactly.

There are still a lot variables in the finished product unless the homeowner pays the additional fees for interior design.

Also, the homeowner will typically have a budget for their investment and Architects are not builders and typically do not know what it costs to build, the cost of building materials, permits, etc. Thus, a lot of times the actual estimates from contractors are a lot higher than what was expected and the project will have to be redesigned after the first design was already paid for!

Our Process

Our process begins with learning more about your goals, wishes, and needs:


On-staff designers use 3-D computer software to create a space you’ll love:


  • 21st-century tools
  • Reasonable design fee
  • See home before completion

We work together to create a scope of work detailing costs and time frames.


  • Budget-conscious plans
  • Accurate time frame for work
  • Help you make selections

Our professional installation team delivers quality work since 1988.


  • General contractor
  • Leave your home clean
  • Process managed by designer


Tamer Construction combines the best of both avenues. We are a Design/Build company which means we work with our clients from the very start by trying to achieve their goals and needs while trying to stay within their target budget during the design stage.

We have our in-house designers using 3-D computer-generated plans so our clients can not only see a 2-dimensional view on paper, but a realistic 3-D view of what their project will look like from any angle!

We also have Drafting Professionals, Architects, and an Accredited Interior Designer to help our clients with space planning and selection.

If and when we enter into a Design/Build agreement, there is an initial investment for the time it takes us to do all of the design work. This design fee will be paid one way or another whether an Architect is hired, or a contractor is awarded the job because drawings are always needed to obtain plans from city governments.

What our clients can enjoy is the fact that our process is centered around you. Enjoy the ability to have input into the design every step of the way. Our computer software allows our clients to use a web-based application to view their plans in progress, make notes and arrows, and view in 3-D in the convenience of their own homes!

We would love to work with you to help you achieve the home of your dreams.

Please contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our Project and Design Consultants!

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