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15 Apr

How to Maximize a Small Kitchen

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How to Maximize a Small Kitchen With a Kitchen Remodel Does a lack of space in your kitchen have you feeling under-whelmed? Maybe it's not the size that's the real problem. To adapt an old phrase, it's not the size of the kitchen in the space. It's the size of the space in the kitchen. In [...]

8 Mar

Creating a Basement You’ll Love

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Love Your Basement! 5 Steps to Creating a Basement You'll Love Most basements are dark, gloomy, and simply serve as a storage area for old toys, clothes, seasonal items, and anything else that is not used on a regular basis. Most of us rarely go down into the basement unless it is to unload more clutter [...]

8 Feb

Choosing Kitchen Countertops

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Kitchen Countertops: A Value-Added Upgrade How Much Value Can You Get From New Countertops? Kitchen Cabinets: A Value Added Upgrade The material that covers your kitchen counters is one of the most visible and memorable features in your home. It helps to establish the design, color theme, and level of finish out. Today there are new [...]

21 Jan

Finding A Contractor

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HELPFUL ADVICE: Finding a Contractor Tamer Construction has taken the time to organize any tips that we feel would benefit someone looking to build or remodel. These tips come from years of experience in the industry. We feel that sharing this knowledge with consumers is not an option for contractors, but rather it is a responsibility. [...]

1 Jan

3-D Computer Designs

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3-D Computer Design What makes Tamer Construction the leader in Design/Build home remodeling in Northeast Ohio? Besides our professionalism and commitment to quality, there's a secret weapon in our customer satisfaction arsenal: Cutting edge technology that allows you to see your home's changes in 3-D! Two-dimensional blueprints are helpful, but they don't allow a client to [...]

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